Our Business

  The company’s subsidiary Chengdu Xingrong Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. owns two waste-to-energy plants, among which Chengdu Wanxing Green Power Plant is the largest of its kind in West China with the most advanced technology and highest environmental standards to generate electricity via refuse incineration. Not only obtaining the capacity to process 2,400 tons of refuse per day, the plant also adopts China’s leading standards of flue gas emission, meeting the internationally used EU 2000 emission standards (2000/76/EC). Longfeng Green Power Plant, an under-construction power plant in Pengzhou, will dispose of 1,500 tons of waste per day after completion.

  The company, together with China ENFI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and MCCT, co-financed a joint venture company in Pakistan to promote the Lahore 40MW waste-to-energy project.