Our Business

Boasting 70 years of experience in water supply and 30 years of experience in sewage treatment, the company has industry-leading operation competency and profitability. By virtue of mature water treatment technology, perfect management system, efficient water quality monitoring ability, complete emergency plan, experienced and diversified operation management team, the company provides diversified and high-quality service to urban water industry.

Chengdu Tap Water Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of the companyboasting more than 70 years of experience in water supply operation and management, is a large water supply enterprise integrating tap water production, transmission and distribution, sales and service. It has industry leading automatic control system for water plants, intelligent remote water supply dispatching platform, various advanced leakage self-checking and pipeline repair technology, it stands in the leading position in the industry throughout important comprehensive indexes such as per capita productivity, leakage index, and energy-consumption index. Water supply service hotline won the five-star level certification of China Contact Center Standard for Operation Performance (CCCS-OP)

At present, the total water supply capacity of water plants in operation, under construction and the plants will be built exceeds 4.1 million tons per day, ranking first in western China and forefront in China, and water quality ranks leading position in China.

The water supply business covers downtown Chengdu, Jintang, Tianfu New Area and other parts of Chengdu's, as well as Wenchang, Hainan Province, Peixian, Jiangsu Province.